DB Capital – Monty Busch

We are loan brokers nationwide for rental property loans and direct hard money lenders (in Texas) .

This site was created to inform and have disucssions about rental /investment property financing.

I have been specializing in Loans for Real Estate Investors since 2004. This site is for information (see our blog page – many articles , tips and strategies posted everyday.

We have  several avenues for Investors who need a mortgage on rental property:

Our niche is non bank rental – landlord loans. Loans and mortgages for real estate investors.

1.SOFT Money (Non Bank Qualifying) , Fixed for 30 years – Whatever fits your need – do you have 600 credit, even stated income loans for investment property – These are non bank loans , 20% down min on purchase. (non min credit loans – start at 6.99 %) We are  selling solutions for non bank loans – an easier approach that focuses on the real (the cash flow of the asset- rental property)

2. **Stated Income” (no tax returns or 4506) loans, no credit min, & Blanket loans – Hard Money for Rehabs – long term loans for landlords (Stated Income Loan submission – Here

3.**Non Recourse Loans for your IRA – (SFR rentals, commercial vacation rental property as well) – use standard application

4. Nationwide hard money – up to 5 year balloons ,  from 8.5%

 No credit up to 55% LTV – Stated income – Payoff that hard money note coming due



Some FAQS  on our loans, :

(THE MOST FLEXIBLE ) Private – Non Bank: (Hedge Funds,Insurance, Pension & retirement, Private individuals and small funds)- higher rates (5-6% +plus) but if you have recent poor credit, not much income to show , out town owner of rental property , or other reasons these may be the best option. You have to decide whether you can make money with loan rates from 6-9 % loan rates (avg non bank type loans for small (1-4 unit investment rentals). “no income” loans and stated loans would fall under this category.

***STATED INCOME LOANS AND BANK STATMENT LOANS ARE AVAILABLE WITH – STATED INCOME INVESTOR LOANS FROM 6’s pending credit and loan amount and LTV. – Based on property income and sometimes borrower cash- 12-24 months of bank statements.